Jackdaw Research offers research and consulting. Clients may work with us in any of the following ways (click on the links for more information on each set of services):

  • Data products – we offer Excel workbooks with data on the US wireless carrier market; the major US cable, satellite and telco providers; and financial and operating metrics for some of the major consumer technology companies. These may be purchased on a one-off basis or as an annual subscription with quarterly updates. We also offer a quarterly presentation decks service which packages up some of this data in slide form for a small monthly or annual fee. Two of these decks are also available on a one-off basis – read more here.
  • Custom workspeaking engagements, consulting, strategy sessions, white papers and other custom engagements are available, and are priced competitively based on the value and work required.
  • Annual Retainer Relationship – we offer annual retainers, which package the other services we offer with regular access to Chief Analyst Jan Dawson. These annual contracts are flexible based on client needs and can combine various elements on a custom basis.

If you would like to discuss any of these options (or would like a price list), please contact Jan Dawson at or (408) 744-6244.