Jackdaw’s coverage is focused on the following key areas:

  • Consumer digital content and media services
  • Consumer devices, operating systems and applications
  • Consumer communication services
  • Consumer broadband services
  • Online and mobile social networking, messaging and related services.

This coverage is quasi-global in the case of major device vendors and trends in related markets, but focused on the US for communication and broadband services.

Jackdaw will be producing a series of profiles on major players in these markets, including major device vendors, software vendors, US-based carriers and others during late 2013 and throughout 2014. These profiles will offer insights into the strategies of these players, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, identify opportunities and threats for these companies, their competitors and partners, and provide key data on their operating and financial metrics.

In addition, Jackdaw will be providing quantitative research such as carrier and device vendor operating data and comparative analysis, some forecasts and other numerical analysis. The profiles and this quantitative data will be made available to paid subscribers only. Pricing for subscriptions will be very competitive, making it an easy decision for individuals within a business to subscribe out of local budgets, or for market intelligence and other departments to buy corporate subscriptions. Pricing is available on request.

For non-subscribers, there will be a steady stream of shorter-form content on our blog, Beyond Devices.

The slide deck below provides a brief overview of Jackdaw Research, our positioning, and our services: