For now at least, Jackdaw is a single-analyst firm, run by Jan Dawson. Here is a short bio.

Jan Dawson is an experienced technology analyst, having spent 13 years at Ovum, the largest non-us-headquartered industry analyst firm and having started Jackdaw Research in late 2013. Jan’s experience at Ovum included time covering telecoms regulation, carrier strategy, enterprise services, mobility and consumer technology, as well as a number of years in management roles, managing both other analysts and teams and internal and external processes. Jan also worked closely with clients from the telecoms, technology, regulatory, and finance industries.

As Chief Analyst of Jackdaw Research, Jan spends his time working with clients including some of the world’s largest consumer technology companies, researching and writing about the consumer technology industry, blogging at Beyond Devices, Techpinions and Re/code, and attending industry events and conferences. You can find Jan on Twitter at @jandawson, and on LinkedIn.