Google profile – March 2015

Jackdaw Research published an in-depth profile of Google for clients in March 2015. This profile is one of a series of similar profiles on major consumer technology companies, including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Samsung and others, which will be published over the coming months.

The Google profile is available as part of the subscription, and may also be purchased separately. It includes two documents:

  • In-depth written profile (38 pages), addressing the following:
    • Evaluation of Google’s competitiveness across five major domains: hardware, software, content, communications and connectivity
    • Evaluation of Google’s integration across devices and platforms, and between these five domains
    • Analysis of Google’s business models today, and their possible evolution
    • Estimates of Google’s growth prospects, based on both current products and possible future products
    • Recommendations for Google and its competitors
  • Slide deck covering historical financial and operating figures (25 slides), including:
    • High-level financials
    • Regional trends
    • Ad metrics

If you would like to buy this report now, you can either:

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  • Contact Jan Dawson, founder and chief analyst, at or (408) 744-6244 to enquire about other payment options.