Smartwatches: Market Prospects – new report

Jackdaw Research has just published a new report for its subscription clients, titled Smartwatches: Market Prospects. This report examines both the current demand drivers for smartwatches and the offerings on sale from some major vendors. It concludes that the underlying demand drivers are weak, but the products on offer today also fail to deliver on the core functions a smartwatch should offer. It offers recommendations and an outlook for the market.

Table of Contents:

  • Consumer Insights – survey data on:
    • Push notifications
    • Fitness tracking
    • Mobile payments
    • Smartwatches.
  • Review of Current Smartwatches:
    • Criteria for success
    • Ratings of major smartwatches against criteria
    • State of the market
  • Market prospects
  • Recommendations for Players.

The report is 30 pages in length, and is part of the Jackdaw Research subscription research service. It is also available for sale to non-clients for $500 (US). Those interested in purchasing the report may either:

  • use the Buy Now button below, which will take you to Paypal, where you can use either Paypal or a credit card to complete the purchase
  • contact Jan Dawson, Chief Analyst, at or (408) 744-6244 to discuss other payment options.