For now at least, Jackdaw is a single-analyst firm, run by Jan Dawson. Here is a short bio.

Jan studied political science and psychology at the University of Manchester in his native England, and then spent two years doing volunteer work in Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. Following his return from Asia, he began working as an analyst at Ovum, the largest European-headquartered telecoms and IT advisory firm. During his first two years, he covered regulatory policy but also authored or co-authored several reports on the then-nascent DSL market. He subsequently led Ovum’s wireline carrier strategy team for a period of time, focusing on operator strategies, financial metrics and business models, and working with many of the world’s leading operators.

In 2004, he emigrated to the US, where he took on a role covering carrier strategy in that market, and eventually ran Ovum’s Boston office for several years. He later focused on enterprise telecoms services, including IP telephony, managed mobility, M2M, cloud services and others. In 2007, he moved to New Jersey to work more closely with operators with large bases there, and shortly afterwards began running Ovum’s Wireline, Wholesale and Regulation teams globally. His last role at Ovum was Chief Telecoms Analyst, which meant he was responsible for the quality and scope of Ovum’s telecoms research around the world. He helped set the direction for Ovum’s telecoms research annually, and also reviewed practices’ research plans on a quarterly basis, drawing on his wide variety of experience across telecoms and technology throughout the previous ten years. During the last two years, he returned to his early love of consumer technology services and devices and began covering these in conjunction with Ovum’s devices team.

Jackdaw was founded in late 2013, shortly after Jan left Ovum.